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Watering Wisely

Watering Wisely

Did you know about 50 percent of your city's energy bill goes to pump and treat water and then to clean it up again once it's been used? Guess who pays for it.

Using water wisely not only conserves a valuable resource it saves both energy and money, too. Here are some ways to cut down on water usage.

  • General lawn and garden watering is a big consumer expense and when you do your watering mid-day as much as 30 percent just evaporates.
  • Watering before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. slows evaporation, saves water, saves energy (and tax dollars too).
  • Watering lawns in several short sessions is best. Three 10-minute soaks an hour apart allow moisture to absorb better than one 30-minute straight session.
  • Also avoid watering on windy days and don’t water unless it needs it. How to tell? Just walk across your lawn. If you leave footprints it’s time to water.
  • And finally remember to check and re-adjust automatic sprinklers for maximum efficiency.